Breakfast and Breaktime Snacks for Schools

The following grants were awarded to local schools for the 23/24 academic year:

£1008.00 for Friends of Connor Downs Academy enabled the school to provide each KS2 child a piece of fruit at breaktime.  The project has been a great success and children have really enjoyed and benefitted from a healthy snack at breaktimes.  If there has been fruit left over it has been used in the school kitchen, so no fruit has been wasted. 

£350.00 for Friends of Gwinear Primary allowed the school to offer a wider variety of choice at breakfast club, numbers have increased allowing more children to access a healthy meal to start the day.  

£350.00 for Busy Bodies Pre School allowed the pre-school to provide a wide selection of fresh fruit to benefit children attending pre-school and toddler sessions.   

“It is lovely to be able to provide fresh seasonal fruit to our children and introduce them to some new tastes.” Mrs Mildren, Manager

“The fruit is nice and I am grateful we have fruit that we can have at breaktime.  If people don’t bring a snack they can take a piece of fruit for a snack.” Charley

“I love fruit, fruit is healthy and we are so luck to have fruit in our school.” Holly

“Providing free fruit for KS2 is a tremendous support.  Due to current ongoing financial crisis families are struggling to provide for their children.  The free fruit provides a healthy snack and supports children’s physical development.  We are incredibly grateful!” Mrs Eddy, Head Teacher.