Breakfast and Breaktime Snacks for Schools

The following grants were awarded to local schools for the 22/23 academic year:

£852.00 for Friends of Connor Downs Academy enabled the school to provide each KS2 child a piece of fruit at breaktime.  The project has been a great success and children have really enjoyed and benefitted from a healthy snack at breaktimes.  Staff have seen children eating the healthy snacks who usually wouldn’t.  If there has been fruit left over it has been used in the school kitchen to make items such as banana bread, so no fruit has been wasted. 

£350.00 for Friends of Gwinear Primary allowed the school to offer a wider variety of choice at breakfast club, numbers have increased allowing more children to access a healthy meal to start the day.  The school was also able to provide a week of Breakfast from Around the World and invite parents/carers in to share and enjoy a different type of breakfast and take part in a community event.

£340.00 for Busy Bodies Pre School allowed the pre-school to provide the children with a biscuit, followed by fresh seasonal and colourful fruits for their snack, the children enjoyed trying something new. 

“Strawberries, I love strawberries” EG and TL

“Yummy, watermelon” RS & OL

“It is great to see that all the children in KS2 are now able to access a healthy snack mid-morning.  The uptake has been brilliant.  I feel that we have seen the benefits of this through the children’s learning” L Reed, Teaching Assistant

“My favourite is Kiwi, don’t have it at home” JB

We really like having fruit because there is always something healthy for us to eat each day.  Especially if we forget to bring some food from home” Eva

“I enjoy having the fruit, it is tasty and nutritious.  It also helps families that are finding it difficult at the moment with money” Jacob

Further grants have been awarded to continue this initiative for the 23/24 academic year.