Connor Downs Academy Bike Compound

£9,709.44 grant for Connor Downs Academy Bike Compound which provided the school community with a safe place to leave their bikes and scooters protecting them from the weather.  The shelter is a great addition to the outdoor space which will benefit children for may future years.  Children were encouraged to cycle to school providing an active start to their day.  Parents/carers will be inspired to make cleaner transport choices, reducing cars on the road and less congestion around the school area. Without the grant the academy would not have had the finances to provide the bike compound.  The school can now promote cycling with the confidence there is a safe place to leave their bikes during school hours. 

‘We are delighted that so many of our children scoot or cycle to school and make use of our wonderful new shelter.  An active lifestyle benefits our children’s mental and physical health.  Cycling or scooting to school forms part of the recommended 60 minutes of activity children should have every day and helps them be alert and ready to learn.  We will continue to teach our children to use bikes safely through the ‘Bikeability’ programme and encourage active travel in an effort to improve congestion outside the school and to reduce pollution’, Richard Pascoe, Lead Teacher

‘The new shelter is better than the old one because it is protective and safe for our bikes’. Charlie.

‘It is really quite nice.  It has a lock on the door so we know we have a good safe place to store our bikes’. Jacob.