Connor Downs Academy Solar Panels

£20,500 grant awarded to the Friends of Connor Downs for installing solar panels to secure and promote a sustainable future for the Academy.  The solar panels compliment the Rainwater Harvesting System as an additional resource when teaching the children about the weather, environment and sustainability.  The project has benefitted the school with significant savings on the electricity bills allowing money to be spent on extra resources to support and enhance the children’s learning; reduction of CO2 emission, combating climate change; communicating the benefits of sustainability using a working example of the solar panels; inspiring the wider community to take action to address climate change and environmental issues; and providing each family within the school community with a  printed booklet ‘Looking Toward Our Green Future’ to bring awareness about sustainability and recycling.

‘The installation of the solar panels at Connor Downs Academy has been instrumental in educating our school community on the importance and value of renewable solar energy as part of dealing with the climate crisis.  Along with reducing energy costs, the solar panels have reminded us that we can work collaboratively to reduce greenhouse emission and to limit our collective dependence on fossil fuels.  The sustainability of the solar panels provides long term environmental benefits to the school community.’ Mrs J Eddy, Head of School

‘Solar panels are good because they make electricity and are good for the environment.’ Henry J, Year 4

I think the solar panels at our school are great, as they provide a clean and renewable energy source for our future by stopping us from using coal and gas which causes air and water pollution.  The school will benefit from saving money too and can buy more resources to help us learn.’ Chloe S, Year 5

‘It’s great having solar panels at school as it helps us become more eco-friendly.’ Liam T, Year 6