Connor Downs School Rainwater Harvesting and Distribution System

£5,182.36 grant awarded to the Friends of Connor Downs for their Rainwater Harvesting and Distribution System to provide facilities and resources to enhance the education and wellbeing of the children.  The project adds value and a new dimension to the outdoor learning area. The children are educated in subjects relating to the weather, sustainability and the protection of the environment, the project shows the children how the rainwater is collected and then distributed within the Cultivating Futures area.  The weather station helps to monitor the rainfall and weather patterns to allow for efficient and effective usage and has assisted learning the difference between weather and climate.  The children are passionate about the plants and vegetables they grow, the timed irrigation system ensures the plants are watered when required allowing the children more time to nurture their growing areas.  Recycling the rainwater has benefited the school immensely by reducing the need to use mains water. 

‘This has been an amazing and valuable system that complements our Cultivating Futures eco themes and lessons including climate change, the weather and the RHS ‘I can grow scheme’.  It is hugely influential in helping our children learn about water and conservation’. K Costello, Outdoor Learning Leader

During the lessons, the system has provoked many thoughts and questions from the children:

‘What is the difference between rain water and tap water and can we drink it?’

‘Why do we not have these in more homes to help collect water if the water is so valuable?’

‘What happens if we have no rain for a long time?’.