EYFS Provision

£11,900.00 grant to Friends of Connor Downs Academy for EYFS Provision.   The grant has ensured the children have a wide range of resources which meet their needs and promotes learning.  The children have an environment which is fun to learn in and supports the curriculum now and for many years to come.  Without the grant Friends would not have been able to finance a project of this scale.  The items are made from 100% UK recycled plastic, they are virtually maintenance free, have a longer lifespan which contributes to a better environment.  1,092 milk containers were used in the products.

“I love to play in the new water tray, we have so much to play with” Amelia

“I like to draw pictures on our new easel” Robyn

“I play in the home corner every day, I cook cakes for Mrs Bartaby” Jackson

“We love to read in our new reading areas” Florence and Alexis