Connor Downs School IT

Friends of Connor Downs School applied for £8,000 in 2016 to provide students at the school with iPads, educational Lego sets and a time-lapse camera. The 20 iPads and cases have only recently arrived at the school, but are being used in lessons already, enabling children to use them, together with the Lego, to explore robotics, and programming. In addition, the children will be able to use the iPads to research other topics, on the internet, as an activity the whole class can actively participate in.
The time-lapse camera is being used to demonstrate change over the passage of time, which the younger children in particular find hard to grasp. There are plans to situate the camera at different points around the school, to captchure changing seasons, and growth of plants on the site.

The grant funding meant that the Friends of the School could purchase these items, which would otherwise have been beyond their budget, and it is hoped that the children will all the pupils to make good progress and reach their full potential.

“That was the best lesson ever, I can’t wait to do more!” – Tyler, yr 5, after a computing lesson with the iPads and Lego

“The children learnt so much and were so engaged with the technology.” – Mrs Patterson yr 5 teacher.

“It’s great to have iPads that we can all use. I really liked finding out about the animals in the rainforest.” – Beth, yr 4