Breakfast and Breaktime Snacks for Schools

The following grants were awarded to local schools for the 22/23 academic year: £852.00 for Friends of Connor Downs Academy enabled the school to provide each KS2 child a piece of fruit at breaktime.  The project has been a great success and children have really enjoyed and benefitted from a healthy snack at breaktimes.  Staff […]

Connor Downs Academy Bike Compound £9,709.44 grant for Connor Downs Academy Bike Compound which provided the school community with a safe place to leave their bikes and scooters protecting them from the weather.  The shelter is a great addition to the outdoor space which will benefit children for may future years.  Children were encouraged to cycle to school providing […]

Gwithian Green Local Nature Reserve Leaflet

£1,534.40 grant for Gwithian Residents Association to design and print 2000 leaflets as an additional tool to aid engagement and spread the word about the amazing biodiversity and intrinsic environmental value of this local nature reserve.  It features a range of habitats, flowering plants, butterflies, birds, amphibians, reptiles and a map designed to show a […]

Gwithian Green Flowering Plant and Fern Survey

£1,200 grant for Gwithian Residents Association for a Flowering Plant and Fern Survey on Gwithian Green local nature reserve, the last flowering plant survey took place in 1995. The report has provided a detailed and challenging management plan to improve the biodiversity of the Green particularly in relation to flowering plants. Recommendations have included removing […]

Hayle Memory Cafe

£1,200 grant for Hayle Memory Café to cover 3 years rent and activity contributions.  Hayle Memory Café was able to reopen in August 21 in the same regular, spacious and well ventilated venue, being in the same venue helps people with memory problems by giving people the security of knowing where they are, reducing stress […]

Gwithian Green Replacement Footbridge and Boardwalk Extension

£13,000 grant for Gwithian Green replacement footbridge and boardwalk extension enabled access easier and safer to cross into the acid grassland with its area rich in wildlife and part of the butterfly transect walk.  The new bridge is wider and stronger because of the material used and will makes access safer long term, as will […]

Gwithian Green Interpretation Panel

£1,518.00 grant for Gwithian Green interpretation panel replacement is larger with a strong oak frame. The information on the panel has been updated and the map reoriented so the route around the Green can be more easily followed. The comments from three beneficiaries sum up why it is important to have a map with information […]

Wall Hall Vestry Roof Replacement

£14,300 grant for the Wall Village Hall vestry roof replacement enabled the vestry to be become fully functional again and heated more efficiently for benefit of the Sunday School, Chapel Congregation, Wall Music Festival group and other community groups. Replacing the roof was essential to the life of the building as the vestry rooms were […]

Connor Downs Academy Play Area

£24,000 grant enabled Connor Downs Academy to provide the children with an exciting new play area.  The children provided their own ideas which were included in the final design.  The activities were carefully chosen to allow all children the freedom to engage in the challenges.  The children have loved playing on the new equipment and […]

Connor Downs and Gwithian WI

Connor Downs WI Hall is used on a daily basis by individuals, groups and clubs as well as a venue for public meetings and polling and is widely regarded as a community asset. It has ramps for the disabled, however, access to the building was restricted by the gravel to the front and side of […]

Gwinear Primary Outdoor Area Phase 2

£13,682 grant enabled the school’s vision to place outdoor learning at the heart of its curriculum for children to grow to appreciate the outdoors by being continually immersed in it.  The enhancements to the school grounds funded by this project have given the school an outstanding resource to make this possible.  Every class has benefitted […]

Connor Downs Academy Replacement Windows

£6,990 grant enabled Connor Downs Academy to provide Year 4 and Year 6 children and teachers with a comfortable classroom environment.  The windows have been replaced with new energy efficient double-glazed windows, which will save money by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat the rooms and prevent heat being lost, they also reduce […]

Connor Downs Academy Solar Panels

£20,500 grant awarded to the Friends of Connor Downs for installing solar panels to secure and promote a sustainable future for the Academy.  The solar panels compliment the Rainwater Harvesting System as an additional resource when teaching the children about the weather, environment and sustainability.  The project has benefitted the school with significant savings on […]

Connor Downs School Rainwater Harvesting and Distribution System

£5,182.36 grant awarded to the Friends of Connor Downs for their Rainwater Harvesting and Distribution System to provide facilities and resources to enhance the education and wellbeing of the children.  The project adds value and a new dimension to the outdoor learning area. The children are educated in subjects relating to the weather, sustainability and […]

Speed Monitoring Signs for Gwithian Residents Association

‘All Gwithian residents and those who visit or travel through benefit from the sign.’ ‘It is already noticeable how much slower traffic is travelling on entering the village.  This is especially valuable at busy times of year. ‘

Sandcastles Preschool

Sandcastles Preschool received £3,500 in July 2018 for redecoration giving the building a much need update and allowing the Preschool to advertise is location. The redecorating was completed in a short turnaround over the summer holidays.  Completing the work for the start of the school term was challenging but by working collaboratively it was achieved. […]

Reawla Park Project

Gwinear and District villages Association (GVA) applied for £21,700 towards the Reawla Park Project to create a park which is a safe and attractive place to visit, providing a variety of facilities for all ages and abilities as well as a place where the community can come together, thereby strengthening community spirit. The project was completed […]

Gwithian Residents Association – Environmental Access Project

Gwithian Residents Association applied for £12,869.05 in July 2018 to replace their present boardwalk and two sets of handrails with recycled plastic.  The boardwalks have a 25yr guarantee and are slightly raised to prevent submergence following heavy rainfall. The boardwalks ensure the long term protection of the pathways and enable access to the main habitats […]

Connor Downs School IT

Friends of Connor Downs School applied for £8,000 in 2016 to provide students at the school with iPads, educational Lego sets and a time-lapse camera. The 20 iPads and cases have only recently arrived at the school, but are being used in lessons already, enabling children to use them, together with the Lego, to explore […]

Connor Downs School IT

Friends of Connor Downs School applied for £8,000 in 2016 to provide students at the school with iPads, educational Lego sets and a time-lapse camera. The 20 iPads and cases have only recently arrived at the school, but are being used in lessons already, enabling children to use them, together with the Lego, to explore […]

Christmas Lights – Gwithian Residents Association

In May 2015 £1526.80 was awarded to the Gwithian Residents Association to replace some of their Christmas lights with low energy lights for their ‘Light for a Life’ celebrations.  This is one of the main community events with in the village and the grant allowed provision of modern, low cost lighting to secure the continuation […]

Sunday School Heating – Connor Downs Residents Association

In May 2015 £2140.80 was awarded to Connor Downs Residents Association to be able to reconfigure and upgrade the heating system in the Sunday School. As the premises were used regularly by the Sunday School and the Sandcastles Playgroup the heating system has greatly improved the environment and has become more welcoming..  These improvements have attracted […]

School Minibus – Gwinear School

In May 2015 £17,000 was been awarded to Gwinear PTFA to purchase a mini bus to service Gwinear School and other community groups.  So far the minibus has enabled the school pupils to participate in a wider range of inter school sporting events,  smaller weekly swimming classes and  class excursions to museums and galleries. The […]

Cedar Lodge for Connor Downs School

In May 2015 £6360.60 was been awarded to The Friends of Connor Downs School for the purchase of a cedar lodge and planters as part of their ‘Cultivating Futures’ project. The Cedar Lodge is an outdoor classroom which is used by not only Connor Downs School but also the Sandcastles Pre-School group and other local […]

Bees on the Green

£1500 has been awarded to Gwithian Residents Association to introduce Honey Bees on Gwithian Green. On the 25th May 2015 the bees were introduced to their new hives. Two hives were purchased and populated with the aid of the grant funding along with all the equipment required to maintain a healthy swam.  Extra funding was […]

Towans Ranger Project

Protecting the Towans from Hayle to Godrevy In October 2015 £4050 was awarded to the Towans Partnership for 3 interpretation boards to be placed at Mexico Towans, Gwithian Towans and St Gothian Sands. Each board contains a map of the Towans reflecting the topography of the area with access routes and key features.  The boards […]

Gwinear School received funding for various projects

1 Solar thermal project.  Solar thermal system to produce some of the hot water for use in school kitchen, along with highly insulated and efficient emersion tank. Replaces 2 old inefficient hot water tanks. A display in school entrance shows energy produced, which will be used by the children in the curriculum. The sun provides […]